Hesper ... Hiss... Purr.. haha LIKE A CAT! get it? (misstake_x) wrote in ratemybedroom,
Hesper ... Hiss... Purr.. haha LIKE A CAT! get it?

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my room..

Hey there. I just joined. This community sounds like a cool idea! Here's some
This is what you see when you walk into my room..
nightstand, shoes, my abominable snowman slippers!
These pictures were taken a while ago, I have a lot more stuff on this wall now

My super old computer!
My bed haha and my sock monkey! (I spent a lot of time on that!)

My ceiling, this took forever and it really hurt my neck! lol

armoire, guitars, and some picture frames
make up table, tv, my palm tree light and some magazine ads
bubblegum machine! I was so happy when my mom said I could have this. The bubblegum's really hard and gross though. :P

Last but not least.. my cat, Chloe!

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