Alex (lylimyna) wrote in ratemybedroom,

My desk. I love the lava lamp.

My bullentin board. I have so many posters and posters on my wall that i almost forget my wall colors sometimes...

My bed. My stuffed bunny Goody is on my pillow. He doens't have any ears. I call him Old Goody. Ewan McGregor is hott *motions to the Moulin Rouge poster above my bed*

And there is New Goody. Thats what Old Goody used to look like. I love my tan courdoroy Husband. You know that chait thing. I call it a husband...does that make me look like I have no life? If i call my chair pillow a husband?

My 'Wall of Fame" with all my awards from Varsity Cheerleading and school and such. Hey look, there's New Goody again.

This is the wall you see when you first walk into my room.

My bookshelf. Its right near my door. I hate the placement.of it, and I can't move it because its built into my wall....

The back of my door. At my highschool we make Birthday Posters and hang them around the school. That was my Birthday poster my friends made for me when I turned fifteen a year ago.

My anti-war poster. I love that poster. I haven't really had a chance to hang up my mirror...its just kind of leaning up against my wall. My Wayne Chrebet poster is cut off from the picture. I need to take that one down and hang up a Something Corporate poster or something...maybe an Ortiz or Johnny Damon poster perhaps?

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